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The NCLR moves their 2016 conference from Raleigh to Miami in protest over HB2

May 17, 2016

NC continues to lose money due to the controversial House Bill 2. The National Council of La Raza moved their 2016 event out of Raleigh to protest House Bill 2. The group issued a statement in support of civil rights and LGBT groups in the state. Losing this conference in Raleigh increases the negative economic impact of HB2 even further. Scheduled for the Raleigh Convention Center, the loss of this conference is an unfortunate side effect of the discriminatory bill.
"By taking this action, we extend our support to the efforts of so many in North Carolina and the LGBT, civil rights and business communities to repeal this egregious law."

- Janet MurguĂ­a, NCLR President and CEO View full statement
North Carolina continues to lose out from HB2; the loss of the National Council of La Raza conference just adds to the fallout.

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