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Ani DiFranco cancels as headliner of the Eno River Festival over HB2

April 14, 2016

North Carolina reports further HB2 related losses. Ani DiFranco pulled out of the Eno River Festival in Durham in protest over HB2. The award winning musician released a statement condemning the discriminatory bill. Losing this headliner in Durham increases the negative economic impact of HB2 even further. Scheduled for the Eno River Festival, the loss of this headliner is an unfortunate side effect of the discriminatory bill.
"When one of us is oppressed, all of us are oppressed, and only through the strength of our collective action will change occur."

- Ani DiFranco View full statement
North Carolina continues to lose out from HB2; the loss of the Ani DiFranco concert just adds to the fallout.

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